Children in the slum on the dumpsite of Lapu Lapu, Cebu, Philippines

friendly character of the slum

another of so many friendly characters of the slum of Cebu City

All family life is in one self built simple room in the slum of Lapu Lapu, Cebu

The big day as families can move in in new, clean, safe houses, all made possible by Father Heinz Kulüke

The hero shot of Father Heinz Kulüke in newly built homes for the poor

Father Heinz looking over Cebu City from the USC

Visit to balay Samaritano in Cebu City, where Father Heinz Kulüke cares for everyone living on the streets of the million city. The homeless children and the elderly who have nowhere to go to get basic hygiene, education and food.

“Aiya”; 11 years old; 4th grade
Aiya is often teased at school because of her skin color, as most kids would taunt her for having a darker skin. She is the third of six siblings. Her parents were separated; she’s living with her maternal aunt because her mother is living in another place with another family. She has always wanted to own a pretty pink dress.

“Ash”; 9 years old; 2nd grade
Ashley likes to sing and dance despite her speech impairment where she can’t pronounce the ‘s’ properly. Despite the bullies, she sings and dances when the teacher asks her to. She wants to be a teacher when she grows up because she believes that when she can be really good in singing and dancing she will teach it to kids as well. She wants to own a smartphone so she can watch youtube on routine dances.

“BJ”; 4 years old; not in school
Billy is shy and does not talk much. He doesn’t know his family name and nobody nearby knows his family name. He always wanted to be a doctor because he believes that doctors don’t get sick. He wants to eat a lot of chocolates and candies.


“Din Din”; 7 years old; 3rd grade
Dave is the 3rd of the five siblings. He sometimes misses school because his slippers get thinner and his parents need to save up to buy his slippers. He wants to own different rubber shoes that glows and with different colors. He dreams of becoming a pilot because he believes he is closer to heaven when he works in the skies.


“Rose”; 10 years old; 5th grade
She wants to become an IT engineer when she grows up. Rose hopes of owning a computer and a smartphone so she can study and know more about technology.

“Gerald”; 6 years old; not in school
Gerald said that he wants to own a computer shop when he grows up. He’s not in school because he needs to look for scrap metals and plastic bottles to sell at the junkshop so he could have money to buy for food. He wants to have a lot of money when he grows up. He does not know where his mother or father is; he’s living with his grandmother.

“Mj”; 6 years old; 1st grade
Mj wants to become a police officer when he grows up so he can catch bad guys. He misses school sometimes because he needs to help out with his mom in doing the laundry from other houses nearby. He said eating having roasted pork (lechon) for his birthday would probably be the happiest day ever.

“Monic”; 9 years old; 4th grade
Monica wants to be a teacher when she grows up so she can reprimand naughty kids and make them good. She loves to read and dreams of having a lot of books at home. She only owns two children’s books one of which is a collection of nursery rhymes with which she recited some proudly. Her ultimate dream is to have her family complete even on special occasions.

“Niño”; 8 years old; 1st grade
He is taunted at school because he’s the eldest in his first grade. He was held back because he is constantly absent either because of the bullies and he has to help with the errands at home. He wants to become an engineer so he can build bridges and tall buildings where he wants to live.

“Ritchell”; 5 years old; not in school
She wants to go school but her parents do not have enough money to buy her a uniform to school or to buy the school supplies. Her biggest dream is to go to school and become a nurse because nurses have really nice uniforms. She wants to receive a doll for her birthday and a chocolate cake.

“RJ”; 4 years old; not in school
Rojim is the 6th out of seven siblings. His mom resells what ever junk and scrap metal they can find in the dumpsite. His father works a tricycle driver and would occasionally help in reselling. He wants to become a dancer because he really likes to dance.

“Upaw”; 6 years old; not in school
He is very shy and he rarely talks. But when asked as to what he wants to have as a gift, he replied: ‘I want to have new clothes, briefs, and slippers’. His parents are not around and he is living with a relative.

Father Heinz Kulüke at the same location of the children's photographs

'Father Heinz Kulüke' portrait in his windowless medication storeroom used as office, lit by a bare buld and a fluorescent light. Father Heinz is the heart of SVD and helped thousands of families in a sustainable way.

Walking through the slum of Inayawan I found two women studying the bible, pictures are not staged.

Women compare and study the bible in english and cebuano

Billy before the portraits. His feet are full of scars of insect bites.

Father Heinz is listening to problems while a girl is blessing (respectful greeting) him

Family on the dumpsite of Lapu Lapu, Mactan, where others spend their vacation

'Trost' - für die Frau die 13 Kinder geboren hat. Alle Kinder starben am Berg, am Müllberg....
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